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Local communities that make a difference: #sharing is #caring

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We are all part of different communities and movements.

They shape the way we connect, engage, and collaborate.

Being part of diverse communities, I have learned so much and I have seen so many great best practices and amazing servant leaders who are leading their communities by example.

I want to share with you a few wonderful communities I am supporting, there are a few others where I am not contributing, but they are equally amazing and worth mentioning: We shape Tech, techface, womenplusplus, Girls in Tech Switzerland, PWN, Féminin Pluriel, etc.

A community is only as great as you make it: bring your contribution and add value through your time, expertise or make introductions

Don't go alone, go together!

Here are my 5 communities who are contributing to my growth:

Women Rock Switzerland (Facebook Group) just had their 3-years birthday, so it's the perfect time to honor their dedication and express my gratitude.

Women Rock Switzerland in numbers:

  • 10k members

  • A diverse community of talented women entrepreneurs

What I love

  • This is a community that cares and helps its members with information or even more

  • Authenticity and co-creation

  • Great women's led-business to discover and connect with

  • Sense of belonging

Check out this video: Happy birthday, Women Rock Switzerland!

Thrive with Mentoring Community

Website Link

What I love

  • Creative events and webinars

  • Helping each other

  • Mentoring made simple

  • Global vision and mission

50 in Tech

Website Link

What I love

  • 100+ events

  • Very inclusive and a mission-driven organization

  • A free ongoing Bootcamp on negotiation skills with top speakers

  • We aim for a 50% representation of women in tech by 2050

Professional Women's Group Zurich

Website Link

What I love

  • Focus on creating learning & development experiences for women

  • Organize free online webinars with local speakers since March 2020

  • A diverse community of women with a dedicated board of volunteers

Shake up the Workplace Community on Slack

Website Link

What I love

  • A safe and engaging place to ask questions, share experiences and connect with other like-minded professionals

  • Topics around the Future of Work: learning, culture, leadership, wellbeing, workforce & careers, and COVID lessons

  • A community of experts from diverse industries

  • The Slack channels are moderated and the community has direct access to the founders' team of Shake up The Workplace

Which communities are you admiring, following, or you are actively involved in?

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