• Monica Moldovan

How you can apply Community Building in your Circular Economy Business for Good

People connect with people; tools,technology and channels are an instrument to co-create purpose-driven communities.

What is a Circular Economy?

“The circular economy is a model adopting a resource-based and systemic view” allowing society “to achieve well-being within planetary boundaries.”

Resource: Circular Economy Switzerland

Compared with the linear economic model, the Circular Economy puts people, resources, and the environment at its core and supports systemic change in local communities.

What is community building?

"Community is about the people, relationships, and the shared purpose for which we come together."

Resource: Community Roundtable Community Management Fundamentals Training Course

Benefits of community building: a summary

  • Community building helps you identify new partners and future employees inside your community

  • Community building helps you create customer engagement with your products

  • Community building helps you build a coherent brand image and good brand reputation

  • Community building helps you create a direct long-term relationship with your customers

In this first article, I am excited to bring you 4 practical ways that will take your circular project to the next level, and all that thanks to community building.

Co-create a community-centric project from day 1: a strategy for breakfast

Community-building is here to support your activities and promote your business through a consistent strategy.

Starting with why a community-building question will open new horizons to the impact you want to bring with your business. Make sure you turn your strategy into action with concrete steps that "deliver value".

Community engagement: putting your members first

Involve your community in your project, be grateful they support you, and, also, recognize and celebrate the most engaged members.

Some communities are failing exactly because they don`t recognize their members' dedication and trust.

Remember they give you time and you should give them recognition, make it a win-win.

Do not take them for granted!

A concrete example would be crowdfunding campaigns where you can create value by offering concrete ways for your members to continue supporting you beyond the campaign.

Co-create partnerships and interactions: collaboration is key and the new way of work

Community is not only unidirectional (from you to your customers), but it is about how you facilitate and engage the members of your community to work with each other and co-create together.

Storytelling: staying relevant in the noise culture

That`s it: you are online and dreaming to conquer the world!

You have a website, you are active on social media.

Make sure you align your community-building strategy with the communication strategy and you are not here for a season, but for much longer.


Applying community building in different sectors means you are having a smart business approach while creating a safe and inclusive space where all ideas and talents are welcomed and celebrated.

When you bring people together with a common purpose, there is the magic that creates much-needed change.

Next week I will continue building this series of applied community-building with the wonderful story of Fructify Network and its community-centric approach in the Business for Good journey.

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