• Monica Moldovan

How to promote your event, training course or your webinar in 3 smart steps

Are you planning an event or a webinar and you would like to make this available to a bigger audience?

I know you are investing a lot of time in creating or co-creating training courses, programs, exciting challenges, but still, when it comes to promoting it, you are facing a wall.

Where to start? Which platforms, which groups, which professionals or communities to address?

Yes, you can post your event on different groups or send it in a newsletter, but everyone is doing that, so your event, no matter how relevant, will be lost among all the others.

I have 3 smart steps for you to solve this hassle smoothly.

A little warning though: consistency is needed and the willingness to test different approaches is mandatory.

The inspiration for this post came because, lately, I have been receiving requests to promote content (training courses, webinars, events) and, as much as I want to support my connections, I am not able to do it for everyone.

So, I had an idea:
Why not helping others by showing them a way to do it by themselves in simple steps?

Build expertise: you are an expert, share your expertise with us through videos, articles, posts. Keep in mind you are not selling a training course or two, you are adding value with a high-level learning experience that has to be memorable.

Build trust: people connect with people and they buy from people they know and trust.

Trust is built over time and it cannot be forced.

Choose wisely your social media channel: you don't have to be everywhere, but be consistent and add value by sharing knowledge & starting conversations.

Be where your audience is!

Both LinkedIn and Facebook have the option to create an event.

While creating an event on a Facebook Group is quite straightforward and the groups are having this feature available for their members, events creation on LinkedIn is simply underused.

So here is an introduction: don't worry, it's not going to take a lot of time, it's actually very easy.

  • On the main LinkedIn page, you have the feature EVENTS

  • By using the + a window will open and you will be able to create your event by entering a few information like image, organizer, date, description, speakers, etc. and, then, press CREATE

  • And, voila, in a few clicks you have your event ready to go

  • Now you can invite connections and connections can invite their connections and the impact is definitely bigger!

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