• Monica Moldovan

Are you Working Out Loud?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I would love to share with you the Working out Loud (WOL) peer-coaching concept, an innovative method to humanize the workplace by building authentic relationships to achieve

your goals, discover new opportunities and get things done.


WOL Circles by the numbers:

60 countries

Hundreds of organisations where Working out loud is spreading: Bosch, Merck, Daimler & many others

12 weeks Peer-Coaching Independent Circles

"Working Out Loud is a way to build relationships that help you achieve a goal, develop a skill, or explore a new topic. Instead of networking to get something, you invest in relationships by making contributions over time, including your work and experiences that you make visible. " John Stepper

Why Work out Loud could be for you?

+ It's a Transformative Experience (Learning, Communicating, Networking): in the last Circle I improved my active listening, communication and presentation skills online.

++ It's a safe place where everyone's ideas, expertise and contributions are equally appreciated

+++ I am working on a particular goal and I get every week creative ideas on how to achieve results

++++ The Circle is very easy going and agile in the same time (there is no hierarchy): we take this journey together and we learn from each other

This group is not for you if:

+ You don't have one hours / week to dedicate to WOL

++ You don't like to share and hate to be vulnerable

+++ You are looking for a quick fix or you have general questions about a topic


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