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A journey in the Heart of mentoring: my story as a mentee

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I finished the amazing Thrive with Mentoring program in September 2020, a mind-blowing journey in the heart of mentoring, but the experience, the fun and the engagement are still there to remind me about this wonderful and powerful experience.

For those of you who are curious how it works in practice, it's a structured mentoring relationship that lasts for 6 months. This time it was online, from the first mentor-mentee matching event until the last structured networking event which we managed to do in person.

Technology aside (I learned to better use a few apps), the experience was a blast. Having someone more experienced with a strong personal brand, helped me worked on my goals and my vision and put things into perspective.

Thank you:

  • Shivangi Walke for your vision and absolute dedication

  • Alina Lupescu for guiding me through the mentoring program

  • Hilda Kilama (my mentor) for a holistic and empathic approach to mentoring

  • All the mentees for being so supportive and inspiring

A few key takeaways as a mentee:

# Have a holistic view on your job search and on your career progression

# Set goals you can achieve and celebrate your achievements (be specific and clear)

# Don't go alone, go together - it's more insightful and more transformative

# Take small steps and find your purpose

# Ask yourself why you do what you do

# Be open to exploring different ways, try new approaches, and co-create with your mentor!

# Add value, collaborate, bring your fresh perspective as a mentee

Did I grab your attention? Have a look here!

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