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4 tips to build an online community from scratch

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We are all part of different communities and movements.

They shape the way we connect, engage, and collaborate with each other.

Being part of diverse communities, I have learned so much and I have seen so many great best practices and amazing servant leaders who are leading their communities by example.

A community is what you make out of it, so start by defining your why, what, and how and look around to see how other communities are inspiring, innovating, and impacting our life.

Don't go alone, go together!

Define the purpose and the goal of your community

Every great community starts with why...

Why do you want to create it?

What's its purpose?

What are you looking to achieve with your community?

How do you measure the impact you have?

I see a lot of cases when companies are building a product, but they don't build a community around their product.

Develop your product and create your community in the same time. Community-building takes time!

The benefits:

  • You create a product that adapts to your audience

  • You build your credibility and show your expertise

  • You get incredible feedback: just listen!

People before platforms

Create a safe place where people can share, help each other, collaborate

In the tech era, the need for meaningful connections is here to remind us that people always come first. In the last few months, I have actively participated in a few events, meetups, webinars, all designed around networking and connecting. The ones I hold dear are the ones where the connection was authentic creating a safe place where we could engage and learn from each other.


Use technologies to create communities for Good

Using new apps and platforms is just a fresh way to facilitate this connection that we all cherish so much.

I am passionate to discover and test these new platforms developed by startups because they bring a lot of expertise and great features created with customers in mind to offer them out of the box learning and networking experiences.

Here are 3 platforms I have tested and I can recommend: choose wisely according to your goals.


  • I used it during two conferences, but Tribo is not just your typical conference app

  • You can share your Vibes: your thoughts and impressions, videos & more

  • A one-stop-shop for all things event-related: program, COVID measures, speakers, workshop rooms, wifi

  • No need to print anything: you have everything at your fingertips

  • The members' list is visible and you can connect with other participants

Mighty Networks

  • Organize your topics, events, members in a structured way

  • The members' list is visible and you can connect with other members directly

  • First-hand access to notifications


  • Easy to use

  • Fun

  • You can create channels on the topics of your choice

  • You can talk with members via direct messages

Support, engage and promote

Adding value is not a trend, it's the new reality

A community should focus on the members, so there should be a strong customer-centric approach when building one.

My favorite communities are the ones who are supportive and kind, educate and inspire me to grow and, also, bring a Diverse, Inclusive, and Creative perspective on the topics that I care about: future of work, peer-coaching, women visibility, local businesses, technologies, online learning.

Are you curious to know which are my 5 best communities who inspired me and pushed me out of my comfort zone? Come back here next Wednesday to read about them & connect with me!

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